The integration with our service in three steps

To ensure that our customers are sure that our integration meets all their requirements, integration has been divided into three stages. We proceed to the next stage after accepting the previous stage.

  • 1. Download data from your store in order to prepare functional demo.

    If you use PrestShop, Magento or other open-source software, which has built-in API we can use this API to download all products, categories, configuration settings and also to send customer orders in real time.

    If your store has additional modules installed that affect the appearance of the store, then we also need SSH / FTP access to create custom integration.

    If you use SaaS (e.g. Shppify), we also need access to the API login and password.

    After integration, we will provide you a functional demo of Frontend connected to your store to perform functional tests.

    The demo will run on one of our ready template on the test domain ( ready for your tests.

  • 2. Custom Design

    After you accepd function demo, we move to the stage of work on individual graphics of your store.

    We will code your custom theme in React technology as Single-Page-Appliction. After completing the work, you can test the ready store on the test domain.

  • 3. Switch

    After final approval of the project. We will replace your old frontend with new frontend.

    Your admin panel will remain unchanged.

    Also old frontend remain unchanged on your server as backup.