Perfect SEO

How to Get Your Website on the First Page of Google?

Optimization activities can be divided into those that the customer must carry out on their own, and those that depend on the store's software chosen by the customer.

Optimization steps that depend on the store's software:

  1. Fast store operation
  2. ALT attributes
  3. Website coding with proper structure
  4. Sitemap in XML and HTML format
  5. Automatic internal linking
  6. Adaptation of the site to mobile devices
  7. Store integration with social systems
  8. Friendly URLs
  9. Structured Data

Optimization activities depend on the client

  1. Valuable store content
  2. Appropriate category structure
  3. Supplementing meta tags, title, description, keywords
  4. The appropriate store domain
  5. Internal manual linking
  6. No excessive external linking
  7. Running a blog

1. Fast store operation

Search engines when assessing a store take into account many factors, one of them is the speed of action. If the speed of operation is too slow, the position of your store in the search results can be significantly reduced.

The speed of the store's operation is affected by the speed of the software and the parameters of the server on which the software was installed. We offer our customers installation of the store on dedicated servers with good parameters, which ensures good speed of store operation. The software, on the other hand, is optimized individually with each implementation to ensure minimum server load and fast operation.

2. ALT attributes

When coding the page, remember about the ALT attributes added to the images. Web browsers cannot assess what is in a given photo, so you cannot forget to put the "alt" parameter, which is the text that describes the photo. Both photos incorporated into the banner's store graphics, logos and product photos in your store will have the ALT parameter.

3. Website coding with appropriate structure

Headers set the hierarchy and organize the document. When coding the subpages of each store, we try to determine the correct structure of the document. We use headings H1 to H5, according to the logical structure of the given subpage.

4. Site map in XML and HTML format

Our standard software has the ability to generate two maps:

a) For visitors at the address "Twó / sitemap.html" in HTML format - a simple store subpage

b) For search engines at the address "Twó / sitemap.xml" in XML format required for example by Google search engine.

5. Automatic internal linking

Internal linking is placing sitelinks on other subpages of the store. It serves to increase the number of pages viewed during the user and positively affects the positioning of the pages to which we place the link.

Depending on the positioning strategy you choose in the store, we can automatically place links: on the product card for the subpage with the list of products of the manufacturer who produced the product - focus on positioning the store on the manufacturer's name on the product card for the category in which the product is located - focus on positioning the category names in the product card, we can link to search results for key terms that shop customers entered to find the product on the product card, you can create related products - linking to similar products

6. Adaptation of the site to mobile devices

Adaptation of the site to the device used by the customer is a requirement these days. Search engines can recognize whether the store is made in RWD technology or whether it has an independent mobile version. If the search engine eceni that the store is not friendly to mobile devices, it will very poorly assess its position, especially if the user of the search engine uses a tablet or smartphone.

7. Store integration with social systems

Search engines know how many fans the online store has on Facebook and Google Plus. Running a fanpage for Facebook and Google Plus will definitely have a positive impact on the assessment of your page, in the store at no additional cost we will put social plugs sliding out from the left or right of the screen.

8. Friendly URLs

We've made sure that the addresses generated by the software are maximally user-friendly and search engine friendly. For example, the address of the "RTV Equipment" category will be "YourDomain / Equipment-RTV /" it does not contain any other information, only the name of the category, which is not standard in competing software. The search results for a given entry are easy to "link", the search addresses are " / Looking / Searched-Word /"

8. Structured data

As standard, all our stores have implemented structured data generation.